Life can take unexpected turns, and it’s during those challenging moments that we truly understand the value of experiences and the power of adventure. This is a story about Brian, the founder of Africa Roar, who embarked on a life-changing journey with his brother, who was paralyzed after battling a brain tumour. Together, they explored the wild and captivating beauty of Africa, creating memories that will forever be etched in their hearts.

That Dreaded Diagnosis:

On what was thought to be a normal day, Life took an unexpected turn for Brian’s brother. Andrew a 6 foot 1, gym junkie undertook the simple task of taking the rubbish out, it was at that point that everything changed. Andrew’s son found him in the driveway at midnight and he was rushed to hospital. Following an emergency operation, it became apparent that the tumour had triggered a stroke, leaving him paralyzed on the left side of his body and dependent on a wheelchair for mobility.

Being wheelchair-bound drastically changed his brother’s daily routine, leaving him confined to the television for entertainment. 

One day, as they were talking in the backyard, Brian asked his brother if he would like to go on a holiday somewhere. The idea immediately lifted his spirits. When Brian suggested Queensland as a destination, his brother had an even more adventurous idea – what about Africa?

An Unforgettable Adventure:

Embracing his brother’s enthusiasm, Brian took the plunge, and they set off on a 10-day adventure to Africa. Brian from Africa Roar owns a tented lodge in a private game park in Eswatini (formerly known as Swaziland). The lodge was completely revamped to ensure it was wheelchair-accessible, ensuring his brother’s comfort throughout the trip.

Brian found one of the only wheelchair-accessible lodges in the renowned Kruger National Park and they set off on their adventure. Despite the physical challenges, both Brian and his brother were determined to immerse themselves in the beauty and culture of Africa, making memories that would last a lifetime.

As with any adventure, there were challenges along the way. However, the warm and welcoming nature of the African people and the helpfulness of everyone they encountered made the journey easier. Brian was amazed by the support they received, especially when his brother was carried on and off planes by two strong individuals, a gesture he hadn’t experienced back home in Australia.

An Endless Smile:

Throughout the trip, Brian saw the spark reignite in his brother’s eyes as he experienced the wonders of Africa. The majestic wildlife, the vast savannas, and the vibrant culture brought joy to his heart. The non-stop smile on his brother’s face was a testament to the power of adventure and the healing effect it can have on the human spirit.

The adventure to Africa with Brian from Africa Roar brought an indescribable joy to Andrew, offering a much-needed respite from his daily challenges. It was a reminder that life’s difficulties can be overcome through the power of exploration and the support of loved ones. This unforgettable journey not only strengthened their bond as brothers but also instilled in them a deeper appreciation for life’s precious moments. Brian’s dedication to giving his brother the trip of a lifetime showcases the transformative power of adventure and the importance of cherishing every opportunity to create cherished memories.