Walk With The Wild – 18 Day African Tours

Why We’re Different

Africa Roar is a heart lead African Safari Tour company who’s passion is to guide people on journeys of the mind. body and soul. Lead by me, Brian and my wife, Denise, we have 25 years experience between us taking people on unforgettable tours to Africa.

We limit our 18-day tours to small groups of no more than 6. This is to ensure you receive a personalised, once in a life time tour to Africa. Whether it’s taking part in a local wedding, a day with delighted schoolchildren, sharing in a community house program or participating in a local festival, it’s all Roar and it’s totally unrehearsed as we share this journey with you.

We only offer the Africa Roar tour in an 18-day format. From our wealth of experience we know 18 days is the optimal length to experience both the essential, unmissable Africa and the spontaneous, unpredictable Africa that makes it so extraordinary.

We  only offer a maximum of 7 tours per year to keep our offerings intimate and unique.

Who Do We Help?

Every tour booked through Africa Roar helps contribute to the local community. It actually plays a huge part in why we love creating and taking people to Africa. For us it’s so important to help disadvantaged kids. To us these kids are the future of the country…..of the world. Here’s a little bit about the people we give back to and the communities we help


The community that abuts our land called Maphiveni. There is no power or water and it has over 100 aids orphans and vulnerable children. The country is very poor so there are no orphanages. They get one meal a day from an NGO porridge at a safe house and the kids have to bring a stick in so they can heat their food. Whenever we are over we go and visit the safe house to see the kids and the grand mums that cook for them. We take some butternut pumpkins, other veggies and also some lollies as a treat. The kids have nothing but the clothes they wear. We take kids books and soccer balls to brighten their lives.

The Trust

The Trust helps vulnerable kids to go through primary school. When there is enough funds to pay for the school fees and uniforms to send one child through the 6 years of primary school they come on board the program. So far there are 8 kids on the program and we are also helping some go onto high school. There is an intelligent, vibrant girl at high school who is top of the whole country for maths and English. She is going to be a community leader one day. It’s incredible watching the kids flourish.

The Good Shepard Hospital/Eswatini

We support The Good Shepard Hospital in Swaziland (now known as Eswatini). Each trip we take medical equipment over and see our now good friend Dr Jono at the hospital. The first time we took over a brand new ventilator. He couldn’t believe it. The hospital had never had one. It now saves hundreds of lives each year for snake bite victims. There are black mamba snakes which he can now treat snake bite victims before they die. He now has a snake bite treatment room and each trip I take more equipement over and the safari attendees get to come and meet Dr Jono with us. It’s another thing that lifts our heart to be part of. https://gsh.org.sz/

The Mbuluzi Game Reserve Community Development Fund

We are proud to support the Mbuluzi Game Reserve Community Development Fund. The fund has been set up to support members of the community around Mbuluzi Game Reserve inculding vulnerable and orphaned children who need our help. The fund supports the people of the Lubombo area by providing them with school fees, uniforms, supplemental food and other necessary items. The fund also supports the Maphiveni resident Point.

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